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Amira Salah-Ahmed is a Cairo-based business and economy reporter with more than 10 years experience covering Egypt for local and international news organizations. She is one of the co-founders of Mada Masr, an independent media company covering Egypt in English and Arabic.

In our blog, Amira writes about current trends in the Egyptian market.


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Road to Energy Self Sufficiency

06 April 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

In 2015, a giant gas field was discovered on Egypt's Mediterranean coast, giving much needed reprieve to a country that has suffered from energy shortages for the past few years, and to a sector struggling to overcome mounting economic challenges.

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The Sharing Economy

02 March 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

The sharing economy is a new business model that allows individuals to avail their personal assets or provide services using these assets to customers. Uber and Airbnb are the two most prominent and successful examples. 

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Eurobonds Roadshow

27 January 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

Egypt's finance minister is in the spotlight this week as he gears up for an international roadshow to promote an upcoming Eurobond issuance. 

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