New IPO's Test for Investor Confidence

19 May 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

Egypt’s bourse is expecting several new listings in the coming months after years of subdued capital market activity, signaling a relative recovery in the sector while simultaneously testing actual investor appetite in the aftermath of the pound flotation.

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Road to Energy Self Sufficiency

06 April 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

In 2015, a giant gas field was discovered on Egypt's Mediterranean coast, giving much needed reprieve to a country that has suffered from energy shortages for the past few years, and to a sector struggling to overcome mounting economic challenges.

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The Sharing Economy

02 March 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

The sharing economy is a new business model that allows individuals to avail their personal assets or provide services using these assets to customers. Uber and Airbnb are the two most prominent and successful examples. 

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Eurobonds Roadshow

27 January 2017 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

Egypt's finance minister is in the spotlight this week as he gears up for an international roadshow to promote an upcoming Eurobond issuance. 

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RiseUp Summit

13 December 2016 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

For the fourth year in a row, the epicenter of Egypt's capital was transformed into a scene of dynamic engagement bustling with entrepreneurial spirit.

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Egypt’s Currency Crisis

30 October 2016 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

The delay in Egypt's currency devaluation is weighing heavily on the pound's value in the black market while causing concern and an air of uncertainty among citizens and investors alike.

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30 September 2016 by Amira Salah-Ahmed

As Egypt’s entrepreneurs seek new opportunities, fintech has emerged as an area of focus for investors and aspiring founders.

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