Export Documentation

Export Documentation

The Chamber promotes trade with Egypt by providing export documentation services for UK exporters to the Egyptian market.

We work closely with all Regional Chambers of Commerce across the UK, as well as the Egyptian Consulate in London to provide a quick and efficient export documentation service.

If you are a UK exporter, you will need to get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce. The International Trade Department of your Chamber will prepare your export documents and deliver them to us. Once these export documents are fully legalised, we return them to your local Chamber.

The process takes an average of 5 business days. We further offer free express service & amendments for exporters as part of our corporate membership, see Membership

Legal Requirement

Export documentation satisfies the requirements of Customs authorities in Egypt as well as Egypt’s Ministry of Trade & Industry. Ultimately you will not be able to export without the right paperwork; incorrect paperwork can prove costly both in time, money and resource.

Your legalised documents will satisfy your clients in Egypt that the products exported are wholly obtained, produced and/or manufactured in the UK. This verification helps determine the applicable customs tariff.

Furthermore, legalised documents provide assurance to protect you and your product in case of legal disputes.

New Trade Regulations

Since December 2015 it is mandatory for all UK exporters to legalise their Certificate of Origin and have their local Chamber certify the corresponding invoices. The new decrees and regulations are issued by the Egyptian Government, below are the recent changes to regulations for trade with Egypt:

Ministerial Decree 202: Regarding the legally required documents for export to Egypt

Ministerial Decree 991: Special conditions regarding the exportation of certain commodities 

Ministerial Decree 43: Regarding the registration of qualified factories for export into Egypt

Customs Codes: For products requiring registration in Egypt 


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