Advanced Cargo Information System "ACI"

Advanced Cargo Information System "ACI"

We would like to highlight that these new measures will have effect only on Sea shipment transactions, effective from 1st October 2021, NOT on exports by Airfreight and all other modes of shipment; they will be outside the scope of the new measures until new announcements by the Egyptian Government.

As a member of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, we offer direct support over the phone, email and via our Trade Accelerators Private group available here. We are available to walk you through every stage of the process including direct contact with members of CargoX and Nafeza. 

To join as a member simply click here and follow our online instructions or call us on +44 (0) 20 7499 3100 and we will guide you throhgh the process. 

Our simple overview of how the new system will work is available here to view and download - New ACI Pre-Shipment Procedures Explained

For an extended overview of the process you can view and download here - All you need to Know about the Advanced Cargo Information System

What is the Advance Cargo Information (ACI) System?

Advance Cargo Information (ACI) is a new customs procedure that requires cargo data or documents (Pro-forma invoice and draft bill of lading-if exist) at least 48 hours before cargo shipment from the export country, to enable stakeholders to monitor any risk to the state through the Risk Management System (RMS), with the highest priority given to the security of Egyptian citizens

What are the Advantages of ACI?

  • Protecting the Egyptian citizens from unidentified goods or goods from unidentified origins
  • Reducing release time and hence the cost of releasing goods
  • Using electronic data and documents, thereby dispensing with paper documents

Who does ACI impact?

  • Importers
  • Exporters and suppliers (foreign)
  • Clearance companies
  • Sea/air shipping companies

How to prepare for ACI

  • The Egyptian importer register on the online portal
  • Obtain the electronic signature pad from competent authorities to access Nafeza
  • List advance cargo data and acquire ACID prior to the start of import operations
  • Submit cargo data and documents (commercial invoice and final or initial bill of lading) prior to shipment
  • Notify overseas exporters dealing with electronic invoice to send all shipment documents to (Nafeza) platform through supply chain networks using Block-chain technology - upon vessel’s departure from the port of export - this is all completed through the CargoX platform. 

Who are the certified Block-chain Service Providers?


CargoX has developed BDTS (Block-chain Documentation Transaction System), which offers a platform with many applications, the most popular of which is Smart B / L ™. CargoX created an open system that uses Block-chain technology and decentralized encrypted data storage to enable the creation and exchange of information and documents

You can view a short demo of the whole CargoX system here -

How can foreign exporters sign up and use CargoX?

You can check the following links for direct information and a walk through

What is CargoX Digital courier service?

CargoX is a digital courier service. We are making sending physical paper documents obsolete. Blockchain enables us to know which digital documents are originals and who owns them. Only the owner of a document can transfer possession of it to recipient. Sending originals around the world with CargoX takes seconds and is much safer and cheaper.

CargoX, an independent supplier of public-blockchain-based solutions was established in January 2018, crowdfunded by over 2000 individuals from 95 countries, and currently (2020) employs around 15 people.

In April 2018 a MVP was introduced to public at the International Logistics Conference late and beta testing began. In H2 2018 CargoX launched its first generation platform into full production, focused on sea freight and documents of title, such as Bills of Lading...

At the beginning of 2019 CargoX v2 platform Smart B/L v2 launched with simplified user interface and support for 10 documents frequent in maritime transport and documentary credits (Letter of Credit). Customer feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but everyone wanted to use solution for other modalities transport documents and also for non-transport documents.

Early 2020 CargoX presented Generation 3 of the platform, now called just The CargoX Platform. Platform is universal and completely flexible, supporting over 50 types of documents for all industries!

CargoX continues to provide a fast, safe, and reliable transfer of paperless and contactless digital originals and other digital documents.

CargoX leverages the security and decentralization of the permissionless, public blockchain and smart contracts.

To learn more about CargoX, please visit

CargoX Platform Signup